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PalniES is a part of Palni Inc, a full-service engineering and design organization that provides turnkey solutions, which was created in 2016. We employ technology to solve technical challenges so that we can provide you with cutting-edge, cost-effective solutions. Because we’ve learned through experience that every project is different, our team does not use a cookie-cutter approach. We use best practices based on previous experiences, then rely on our knowledge to create tailored solutions that meet the needs of your project. Our highly skilled team possesses a wide spectrum of technical talents, allowing us to provide a comprehensive range of solutions and services.

Employees & Consultants

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Growing at a rate of 50%

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Be the global choice for Engineering design and system integration

Meet the team

Marty Chintakindi

CEO, Founder
Marty has 20+ years of comprehensive experience in the IT industry covering
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Laki Sundaram

Managing Partner
Laki Sundaram with an electrical engineering background and over 20+
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Brian Peterson

Executive Vice President of Sales
As the Executive Vice President of Sales, Brian Peterson joined PalniES in
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Renee Decker

Senior Director
Renee Decker joined PalniES in 2021 as a Senior Director. For over 26 years,
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