Pole Loading Analysis

Provide reliable service, safely.

Pole loading analysis services provide a path to joint use of poles in a regulations environment that is complex and often difficult to navigate. As the energy and telecommunication sectors undergo transformational changes, we’re right alongside to help things run smoothly and safely.

We deploy the most advanced software available to analyze the structural integrity of existing poles to determine their level of reliability in providing service while withstanding their current or foreseen loading demands. We also engineer new pole structures when needed to optimize operation and ensure safety.

Where required our permitting services and field engineers coordinate with stake owners to assist in the pole loading analysis. With our deep technical knowledge, relentless attention to quality, and 24/7 global team, we offer an unparalleled ability to deliver what you need, when you need it. From bringing next-generation connectivity to rural America to modernizing the grid in major cities, PalniES is designing the future. Let’s work together.

  • Structural and clearance analysis
  • Make-ready design
  • Pole replacement design
  • Strength reduction calculations
  • Tension and sag calculations

We have the capability to analyze hundreds of poles every month for our clients

Customer Success Story

See how we delivered over 1,000 miles of area design for a leading FTTx company on time, and on budget.

We designed and drafted a major FTTx project for our client. The design areas stretched across four northwest states, requiring unique traffic plans, permits, and pole applications for each jurisdiction. Despite the challenges and complexities of this project, our team was able to deliver:

  • 1,000+ miles of area design
  • 97% turn-around time against target of 95%
  • <2% of rework needed against target of 5%

Let us help you bridge the digital divide.

We are poised to support recipients of the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) to quickly, efficiently, and holistically deploy broadband and voice service to rural America. We have a proven track record of delivering services at a 30-40% cost reduction for our clients, so our expertise can help your funding stretch farther with more impact. Let us help you get the work done.

Let’s work together.

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