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Palni ES :: Traffic


We specialize in designing site-specific and typical Temporary Traffic Control Plans (TTCP) for use on state and local roads across USA.

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Palni ES :: Telecommunications


PalniES dedicated telecom team possesses deep domain knowledge enabling efficient Outside Plant, Centralized Equipment and Wireless design and engineering.

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Palni ES :: Utilities


PalniES provide full range of design and drafting services with a combination of skilled, qualified, and experienced professionals equipped with the latest tools to AE firms and utility firms in transmission, Gas and Water industries.

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Palni ES :: GeoSpatial


We offer multi-disciplinary geo spatial services that include GIS data conversion, Spatial data management, and spatial data analysis for telecommunications, oil and gas, electrical and water utility industries.

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Palni ES :: Mechanical


We offer end-to-end 2D & 3D services. Our experienced resources, proven delivery capabilities, and technical review processes enable leading machinery product design and other mechanical firms.

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Palni ES :: Electrical


At Palni Engineering Services we work to provide the best solution for our clients by striving to understand the underlying needs of the customer.

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PalniES has highly skilled staff members, with wide range of expertise, and can provide exceptional engineering services irrespective of the complexity or size of the project.

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The benefits you derive from our services need to be better than just satiating your need for operational efficiency. We strive to play a vital role in your success story, providing you with strategic intelligence and helping you in all your endeavors, every step of the way.

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Flexible and cost effective drafting solutions

PalniES is a wholly owned subsidiary of Palni Inc. with highly experienced drafters providing flexible, cost effective drafting solutions to small-large sized businesses and individuals.

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