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Smart For The Environment. Smart For Your Wallet

At PalniES, we deliver expert telecom engineering design and support services. We provide the critical planning and technical expertise needed to bring your network vision to life efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our expert professionals assist you in delivering solutions that adhere to your organization’s standards while meeting jurisdiction  guidelines and governance requirements. With a steadfast commitment to timely delivery and budget-conscious strategies, we ensure your projects are meticulously planned and documented.

Partner with us to leverage cutting-edge telecom engineering solutions that lay the groundwork for seamless network implementation.

Sustainable Energy Services & Products

Sustainable Energy Services & Products

Field Engineering

Our industry certified field engineers have comprehensive knowledge of industry-standard field surveys, splicing tools, latest techniques, and regulatory compliance requirements of various geographies. Cyient takes complete ownership of field activities and provides enhanced visibility into networks.

  • Field Survey
  • Desktop Survey
  • Splcing



We provide various GIS services required for planning, deploying and maintaining the network infrastructure. We provide coverage analysis by understanding the existing infrastructure for selective strategic planning and continuous validation. Our basemap services help you digitize the points of interest with street, building data and various attributes. We also help the telecom companies move network data into a GIS Environment. Our services include

  •              Landbase creation
  •              Geospatial Insights
  •              Networkdata management
Network Design

Our expert team has decades of experience in creating constructible designs to help you launch a new fiber network or manage an existing network. Based on your network topology, communication system and equipment needs our team has expertise to deliver designs utilizging various tools such as AutoCAD, SpatialNet, Microstation, iQGeo.  WE have extensive experience in fiber, coax, copper and coax/copper upgrade to fiber networks.  Our services include:

  •                 High Level Design
  •                 Low Level Design
  •                 FTTx Network Update
  •                 Cable Routing
Construction Packages

We have decades of experience in provdingn executable construction packages. Based on the network design, our team will prepare BOM/BOQ’s, splice sheets and Single Line diagrams to ensure the built out happens in a timely and cost effective manner.  Our services include:

  • BOM/BOQ Preparation
  •  Construction sheets
  • Fibermaps and splice diagrams
  •  Traffic Control Plans
  •   Cross-Sectional detailing
Permitting & TCP

Our permitting services remove the hassle of acquiring permits from various departments adhering to the local,state and federal jurisdiction guidelines. Utilizing base map data our team prepares ROW applications, Way Leave agreements, Pole permits, and DOT applications in compliance with City, County, DOT, Pole Owner, Railways etc guidelines.  Our permitting services include

           Permit Drawings 

           Permit Documentation

           Permit Coordination services for approval

           PE Stamping

Pole Load Analysis

We provide end to end services to help you complete your attachments to the pole. We assist you in compiling pole data from the field and build appropriate models to conduct pole analysis and finally generate makeready design package for various work locations. We have expertise in various PLA tools such as SPIDAcalc, Ocalc, Katapult, PLSCADD, ikeGPS.  The following are covered under PLA and MRE Services:

  •  Structural and Stress Analysis
  •  Clearance Analysis
  •   Make Ready Design
  •   Pole Replacement Desing

Why Us

At Palni, we have collaborated with global clients, consistently fulfilling our promise of excellent product designs.By choosing us as your partner, you will benefit from the following:

Market Ready Designs

We help you gain access to market-ready designs that can be transformed into your choice of products, all delivered by the assured date.

Market Ready Designs

We help you gain access to market-ready designs that can be transformed into your choice of products, all delivered by the assured date.

24/7 Support

We provide 24×7 support to ensure you have assistance whenever you need it. Our dedicated team is always ready to address your concerns and keep your operations running smoothly around the clock.

100% Data Protection

We protect your confidential project and data like our own. Our team follows ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified practices to ensure the safety and confidentiality of our client’s project. 

Excellent Infrastructure

Our infrastructure has enabled our team to transform client’s ideas into tangible results. We have the best software, hardware, and a secure facility housing the former to meet client’s demands.

Experienced Product Design and Development Experts

Our team of design and development engineers have extensive experience in designing products and working with clients across the globe. This multi-level industry expertise combined with their experience in working with different types of budgets ensure they can help you with all your requirements such as process planning, fixture design, etc.

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

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