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aerial traingulation
3D palnimetry


Digital Photogrammetry

Elevate your geo-spatial data with our Digital Photogrammetry Solutions.

From aerial, satellite, and drone imagery, we generate high-quality digital terrain models, elevation models, surface models, and 3D reconstructions tailored to your unique needs.
Serving a diverse range of industries, our team of experts leverages the latest photogrammetry techniques to deliver custom solutions that exceed your expectations. Whether you require data for engineering design, natural resource management, environmental monitoring, or hydrographic surveys, we have you covered.

 The following services are provided by us:

  •  Aerial Triangulation ( Satellite, Aerial and Drone )   
  •   3D Planimetric & Feature extraction
  •   DTM/DSM and DEM Generation
  •   Contour Generation
  •   Topographic Mapping
  •   3-D Feature Extraction/Elevations
  •  Dron – UAV data processing
  •  Change Detection
  •   Volume Calculation

LiDAR ( Light Detection and Ranging ) Services

Harness the power of laser-based technology to deliver accurate, high-resolution 3D data that captures the world as it truly exists – down to the smallest details.

Whether you’re mapping power lines, roads, railways, or entire urban landscapes, our LiDAR solutions deliver precise, high-resolution data that help you overcome the limitations of traditional photogrammetry. Unlock a new level of clarity and insight with accurate x-y-z coordinates and detailed intensity reflectance information.

Adaptable to any environment, our LiDAR data acquisition, mapping, and processing capabilities ensure you receive the most reliable and up-to-date information. Trust our team of experts to transform your infrastructure projects, optimizing efficiency, safety, and strategic decision-making.

The following Lidar services are provided by us:

  • Bare Earth & Advanced point cloud classifications (buildings, bridges, vegetation etc.)
  • Power Line classification and mapping
  • Geiger Mode (GML) point cloud classification
  • Bathymetry Classification
  • Mobile mapping
  • Break line extraction
  • Contour Generation
  • 3D modeling and Volumetric calculation

Elevate your infrastructure projects to new heights with our state-of-the-art LiDAR services.

Advanced classifictaion
powerline generation

Ortho Photo

Unlock the power of true-to-life aerial photography with our industry-leading orthophoto services. Our advanced processing techniques eliminate the distortions caused by camera tilt, terrain variation, and lens imperfections, delivering georeferenced aerial images that accurately represent the world below.

Whether you’re mapping land use, monitoring infrastructure, or analyzing environmental changes, our services provide a reliable, geometrically-corrected foundation for all your needs. Forget about scale errors and warped perspectives – our orthophotos faithfully capture the ground as it is, empowering you to make better-informed decisions with confidence.

Experience the difference that precision aerial imagery can make.

The following Ortho services are provided by us:

  • Orthomosaic generation
  • Ortho rectification and Orthophoto interpretation
  • Seamline editing 
  • Block adjustment and Tile cutting
  • Quality assurance and quality control.
  • True Ortho
Seamline editing
True Ortho

Industries We Serve



Managing and monitoring forestlands requires a deep understanding of the ever-changing landscape. Leveraging the power of cutting-edge remote sensing technologies, satellite imagery, and advanced analytics, we deliver comprehensive, data-driven insights to help you make informed decisions ……..



In the ever-evolving landscape of modern agriculture, the ability to make data-driven decisions has become paramount. That’s where our cutting-edge geospatial solutions come into play, empowering you to unlock unprecedented levels of productivity, sustainability, and profitability…..



In the dynamic world of mining, success hinges on your ability to navigate the ever-evolving challenges of resource extraction, environmental compliance, and supply chain optimization. Leveraging the latest advancements in satellite imagery, aerial photography, and predictive analytics, our specialized geospatial platform provides unparalleled visibility….


Oil & Gas

In the dynamic world of oil and gas, staying ahead of the curve requires an unwavering commitment to innovation and data-driven decision-making. Our geo spatial solutions empower you to unlock new levels of operational efficiency, risk mitigation, and strategic planning.

Rail & Roadway

Infrastrature-Rail & Roadway

Revolutionize your roads and railways infrastructure with our cutting-edge geospatial solutions. We empower transportation planners, engineers, and construction firms to overcome complex challenges and build a smarter, more sustainable future.

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